Installation Steps:

You've made it this far that's great, lets get started!

First of all you need to download our Launcher if you haven't already, you can download it here. Once you've downloaded the installation executable, you'll need to run it. Once ran you'll be presented with the following:

Choose the installation path, for example if you wish to install the Launcher on another hard drive, select "..." then select your installation location. Should you choose, you're able to review our Terms and Conditions, select it to open them if you want to check everything. If you agree select the check box and press the install button. That's it you're done!


When you start the Launcher for the first time you'll be asked to enter your ArmA 3 Path (Steam must be running before the application will open), this is where your mods will be downloaded to, it also indicates to our Launcher where your ArmA3.exe is.

If you're unsure where your ArmA 3 is installed follow the following steps. Ensure you leave the Launcher running in the background. Otherwise skip to the section: Downloads / Subscriptions Explained.

Following on from the above, lets help you locate your ArmA 3 installation folder. Open Steam, then in your Steam games list, locate ArmA 3.
Right Click, then from the drop-down select Properties.

The Properties Window for ArmA 3 should now appear, select the third tab "Local Files", then select "Browse Local Files".

This should open the folder location where ArmA 3 is installed on your computer.

Like we're depicting in the screenshot above select from the navigation bar along the top, it should highlight your path blue.
Press Ctrl+C to copy it.
Then open up your WS Launcher which should still be running and available on your task bar, click inside the text field of "Set ArmA Path", press Ctrl+V to paste your game path from your clipboard. Then press the blue button "Set Path".

Now you can proceed to use the Launcher be it to join servers or download and install mods.

Downloads / Mod Subscriptions explained:
We currently use two methods of which to install mods for our servers.
1. The first method is our legacy Delta Patching system when you select "Verify Install", it will check your installation folder to see if you have any existing files, if not it'll start to download everything required. However if you do, it'll first compute the MD5 checksums of each file then compare them to a list on our server via HTTPS. If you're missing any files or if any are deemed to be out of date / corrupt it'll then begin to download those specific files saving you time and bandwidth.

2. The second method is our most recent, this uses the SteamAPI to subscribe you to Mods on the Steam Workshop. Once you select Subscribe / Link, your download will then be added to your Steam Downloads Queue. Once fully complete the version number will change from RED to GREEN. Any mod updates that we do will automatically be detected and change the version numbers to RED, this indicates that an update is REQUIRED.

Server List Overview:

Ensure that you have the server list open, by selecting "Servers" from the list of headers on the Launcher. You'll then be presented with a list of servers :). All servers listed here do not require you to manually enable mods, as long as you already have them downloaded/installed they'll be launched automatically. PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battle Royale servers can also be accessed here, due to how Battle Royale locks rounds when they're in-progress we've added a simple indicator a "padlock" icon under the "Current Players" column. This indicates that a round is currently in-progress and the server cannot be joined.

To refresh the server list simply right click on it and press "Refresh List".

Troubleshooting Steps:

OH! So you're having some issues...

Here are some possible causes and solutions to those problems.
If the game does not Launch after selecting a server, this is normally caused by your ArmA 3 path being incorrect. Please follow our steps on how to set this here.

If your Launcher is instantly crashing on start-up, this normally means it cannot connect to our servers.
Ensure that your security software isn't limiting this, for example Avasts web shield has been known to cause this. You're recommended to simply allow the following address with and without 'www.',, You should also allow Wasteland Launcher.exe in your security software, to both connect to the internet and access your PC without being sandboxed. Why you may ask? The Launcher requires a connection to our servers and Steam to operate, it ONLY sends MD5 checksums of mods when you press "Verify install" nothing more.

If when you attempt to install/download WSRHS or DragonFyreLITE and it completes in seconds and the files are only a KB in size. This is caused by anti-virus software blocking downloads or doing something called "on access scanning" of the files as they're being downloaded to your hard drive. Whitelist the Launcher in your Anti-Virus and also ensure that it has permission to read / write to / from your hard drive.

Actual Mod download sizes are:
@Esseker - 2.99GB
@WSMaps - 6.99GB
@WSRHS - 4.04GB
@WSWeapons - 1.02GB
@WSPatch 34.9KB
Please note these may change.