Download: Here.

Release Date: 24/09/2016

  • Added Copy Server Information Context Menu
  • Fixed Server list filter bug
  • KNOWN BUG: There is currently a (visual) bug when selecting mods under "downloads" via the new checkbox system and scrolling, it will make it look like others are enabled. This is only a visual bug and ONLY mods you selected will launch when you press Launch ArmA 3


Release Date: 27/08/2016

Beta Download: Here.

  • Added Option to Manually enable / disable mods under downloads via "Enabled / Disabled" check box
  • Added a notification to display what mods are required for the server you're attempting to join
  • Updated to the latest MahApps Metro Development Build
  • Updated the location of "Close Launcher on Launch"
  • Changed name of Close Launcher on game Launch to "Close Launcher on Launch"
  • Removed more legacy code
  • NOTE: the option to disable / enable mods is ONLY used when using "Launch Arma 3" under the "Settings" tab. With the exclusion of JSRS Sound Mods
  • You now simply have to select JSRS4 APEX and it'll auto launch when you double click a server on our server list
  • The automatic launch of mods still occures when joining through our server list you do not need to enable them
  • KNOWN BUG: There is currently a (visual) bug when selecting mods under "downloads" via the new checkbox system and scrolling, it will make it look like others are enabled. This is only a visual bug and ONLY mods you selected will launch when you press Launch ArmA 3

Release Date: 25/06/2016

  • Added ModDownloadServerModel
  • Added ability to download from another source other than the a3cdn
  • Updated ModListModel to fix an issue with consecutive downloads
  • Updated version to
  • Updated to MahApps Metro 1.3.0 (dev branch)

Release Date: 14/06/2016

  • Added new helpers to help out
  • Added logic checks for modifying workshop items
  • Added notice when subscribing to mods
  • Added ability to unsubscribe to mods
  • Updated server list sorting methods to reset to default sort after a manual server refresh
  • Updated ServerListModel to support property changes
  • Fixed potentional crash of server list not updating the DataGrid properly
  • Fixed issue with subscribing to mods on startup
  • Changed version to
  • Updated Steam code, reworked download handler
  • Updated version checking code
  • Updated MahApps.Metro resources to the latest development version
  • Updated button labels and names to make more sense
  • Updated new server list method to be dynamic from servers instead of hard coded
  • Updated null checks for selected indices
  • Updated a minor issue when parsing the version of the launcher
  • Removed old mod version checking code to make the launcher more responsive and have less calls going to the CDN
  • Changed the Executeable name from "Wasteland Launcher.exe" to "WSLauncher.exe"

Release Date: 09/06/2016

  • Overhauled Server List query methods
  • Overhauled Mod Downloads query methods
  • Refactored code to remove old unused methods
  • Updated JoinServer to allow the game to launch
  • Updated conditions to support null values
  • Updated version title string
  • Added ToS to the update form
  • Added new filters for new game modes
  • Removed old unused code

  • Added Steam integration support for a select few Takistan Life Mods to

  • Added our newly revamped Icon
  • Added support for Arma.Networks' Takistan Life mod
  • Added option for users to set an alternative Mods location, located under 'Settings'
  • Added Option to set your Teamspeak 3 Path for Task Force Radio Support, located under 'Settings'
  • Added support for auto launch and detect when setting a alternative Mods location
  • Added Discord link to the top right
  • Fixed clipping issue on the server list
  • Fixed several more crashes
  • Fixed issue where mod paths with spaces were not escaping correctly thus not launching at all
  • Removed legacy gun game support to

  • Fixed a bug with the updater, where users could click "Yes" or "No" before the Launcher update had fully downloaded thus erroring.
  • Fixed where users could press "Yes" on the auto update UI before it had finished downloading
  • Fixed several more crashes

  • Added/updated Esseker and CUP Weapons sources these are now linked to the owners Steam Workshop items.

  • Updated download links for the Steam Workshop for Epoch

  • Added Steam Workshop integration

  • Fixed a bug with the server filter (typo)

  • Added check to display if servers were locked or not, particularly for BattleRoyale

  • Added complete server list support for BattleRoyale you can now join BattleRoyale servers from our server list without needing to enable it manually!

  • Fixes issue where the server query ignored servers with zero players
  • Fixed mod launch option of DragonFyre randomly launching incorrectly due to a typo
  • Updated End User Terms and Conditions

  • Changed Server list, no longer sticks in a refresh loop if a server sends a malformed packet
  • Better managing of server queries to prevent loss of data
  • Changed refresh on the data-grid, it should insert into the table alot cleaner now (less white screens) to

  • Added Launch options for modded gun game by Sa-Matra
  • Fixed Launch bug with additional mods e.g. sound mods

  • Fixed DragonFyreLite and other mods not adding a separator on the launch string when starting
  • Added auto detection of Esseker
  • Added Refresh Server list option on right click

  • Fixed format issue for some addons clipping with their object boxes
  • Fixed minor auto updater typo
  • Added WSPatch
  • Added @WSPatch to startup parameters for Chernarus

  • Re-done server browser wrote our own custom library
  • Fixed auto update
  • Split mods into subsections
  • Updated installer.msi to over-write previous builds

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